We specialize in custom Board and Batten Sheds.


Bear Proof Trash Can Shed

Our sheds are unique to the fact that not only are they hand built, but we use ALL hardwoods, NO pine, and are custom made to your specifications, if desired.   These board and batten sheds are made from rough sawn (HARD) wood that we mill on our site.  They have a natural look to them with no chemicals, composites or preservatives.  These hardwoods are naturally rot and bug resistant.  Wood boring bees (eastern carpenter bee) prefer to nest in softer woods such as pine or fir.  You have multiple options for roofing, windows, and finish.   and options for windows, and finish.  You have the option to choose a color or clean stain, or just leave the shed natural and over time; it will weather to a nice silver gray color.


Do you need a simple shed to store your lawn mower, quad or snowmobile? Do you need extra space to organize and get all the big “stuff” out of your garage?  A sturdy storage shed offers a great way to expand your workspace or a great place for your private workshop, right on your own property.  North Jersey Sheds will definitely be able to help you.

Do you need a cozy home for your dogs, chickens or rabbits?  North Jersey Sheds can help with all your animal shelter needs.  Whatever will make your pet comfortable, we could make your pet very happy.

Outdoor wood horse sheds are a great way to protect your horse(s) in the field.

We provide pool houses, dug outs, concession stands, the possibilities are endless. If you do not see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask. We can help you design and build any structure to fulfill your every need and want.

Cabana Bar - 8 x 10

All North Jersey Sheds are built using rough sawn board and batten, (SOLID HARD WOODS, such as Oak, Maple, and Ash).  These solid, sturdy structures are a beautiful addition to your home.  We build them to your specifications.


  • 4 x 8 porch
  • 45″ bar counter top with double door
  • Small double hung window with screen.

This North Jersey Shed is 8 x 10 is featured with the options of a 4 x 8 porch,
45″ bar counter top with double door.  Small double hung window with screen.  Full size single door.  This shed is a great addition to your pool area to serve your guest refreshments all day and night long.

Add-onsCOSTQuantityTotal Cost
Porch Per Sq. Ft.$140.00
Up to 5’ counter top w/ wooden bar doors$12.5032$400.00
Double Door$339.00$339.00
Heavier Duty Hardware + warranty$165.001$165.00
Ramp 3 - 4 feet$300.00
Ramp 5 - 6 feet$95.00
Shutters per pair$130.00
Shelf 20’ deep (per foot)$40.00
Shelf 30" deep (per foot)$16.00
Window fixed Small$18.00
Window fixed Large$140.001$140.00
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Specifications may vary.  All measurements are outside and approximate.  Measurements are from overhang to overhang.  Prices are subject to change.  A-frame, 12’ and 14’ wide sheds are all considered “wide load” which requires a certified escort for an additional charge.  Customer is responsible for site preparation and permits.